NJ Workers Compensation Back Injury Lawyers

While there are many workplace injuries New Jersey Workers may suffer, back injuries can be the most common and the most damaging.  Because there is so much variation in how employees with lumbar or cervical spine injuries may experience symptoms like pain and loss of mobility, NJ insurance carriers are skeptical, and aggressive in defending these claims.  The Workers Comp attorneys at Bross & Frankel have many years of experience handling both compensation and disability claims for injured workers, and know how to develop and prove a claim based on a spinal or back injury.

Lumbar or Cervical Herniated Discs or Back and Neck Injuries at Work

There are a variety of ways the back or neck can be injured in the workplace.  While the obvious injuries, such as a spinal trauma, motor vehicle accident, or injury from trying to lift something too heavy are common; many individuals in specific occupations may hurt their backs or necks from repetitive use.  For example, the low back may deteriorate from years of driving a bus with poor shocks, or an office worker may develop cervical disc bulges from years of computer work.  Some tips for avoiding neck pain at an office job can be found here.  Some advice for long distance truck drivers that can help many people who drive for a living can be found here.

It is common for an injury to initially be diagnosed as a sprain or strain.  However, MRIs may reveal more serious pathology, such as a herniated or bulging disc, or nerve root compression.  Sometimes, if the disc is pressing on the spinal cord, a worker may experience pain or discomfort that radiates into the limbs (radiculopathy).

There are many types of treatment that may be offered for a back or neck injury that occurred at work.  Doctors may try physical therapy, epidural steroid injections, “TENS” units, medication, and in severe cases, surgery, such as a spinal fusion, or laminectomy may be recommended.  Because this treatment can be expensive, Workers Compensation carriers are often reluctant to pursue aggressive treatment.  This is why it is important to involve an experienced workers compensation lawyer early in the process, even while you are still receiving treatment.  A workers comp attorney can help guide the treatment, and obtain second opinions when your employer’s doctors believe there is nothing else to offer, or are unwilling to obtain simple testing to fully evaluate the injury.

NJ back and neck workplace injury lawyers

The workers compensation lawyers in our New Jersey offices have experience litigating not only compensation claims, but addressing the whole person impacted by a spine injuries as these injuries can lead to lifelong changes.  We’ve been successful in obtaining compensation settlements, getting our clients back to work, and when they can’t, helping them obtain disability benefits to make ends meet until they can.

When a back or neck spinal injury takes you out of work, that’s when we get to work for you.  Call us today.